Cameron Clayton Photography
Portuguese Fisherman Mending His Net

An elderly Portuguese fisherman mends his net on the wharfs
Tavira, Portugal
Fuji Reala 100, Canon EOS 300, EF 75-300mm f4-5.6 III USM

About Cameron Clayton Photography

Cameron Clayton is a photographer skilled in capturing exquisite photographs. He shoots stunning landscapes, beautiful portraits, and his live event photography has been featured in numerous publications and magazines.

Cameron has been taking photos for about as long as he can remember.

“Photography has been a passion of mine for many years. One of the earliest Christmas presents I can remember was a Kodak Instamatic camera, and I’ve been shooting photos ever since.”

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Cameron is accepting commissions, shooting for clients and supplying stock photography.

Event Photography

Cameron has photographed dozens of conferences, concerts, events and productions in London and, more recently in New Zealand. He works with lighting designers and stage designers to ensure subjects will be well lit at key times on stage – this attention to detail helps ensure the best possible event photographs. To better cater for complete coverage of large week-long events, Cameron built a team of twelve photographers, training, equipping, mentoring and enabling them to shoot in a live production environment.

Landscape & Scenic Photography

Cameron shoots stunning landscape photography, capturing the dramatic natural beauty of New Zealand. His patience, attention to detail and skilled use of his equipment enable him to capture rich landscape scenes oozing with depth and feeling. International locations are shot whenever he has the opportunity to travel overseas.

Travel Photography

Travel photography also features strongly. Having travelled widely, Cameron has had the opportunity to shoot as diverse subjects as Berber traders in the souks of Marrakech, the furnaces in the former concentration camp at Auschwitz, villagers in the remote hills of Turkey, Sun Studios in Memphis and the great cathedrals of England.

Portraiture & Wedding Photography

Preferring to use the subtleties of natural light, Cameron creates beautiful portraits of everyday people in their element. These shoots are fun and relaxed, the subjects feeling they can be themselves in front of the camera.

Bookings & Enquiries

To make contact, book a shoot or commission a photo, please use the contact page.

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